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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions we’ve experienced in 15 years of running the business!!


What material is used for carpet?
A carpet is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of “pile” attached to a backing. The pile is generally either made from wool or a man made fibre such as polypropylene, nylon or polyester and usually consists of twisted tufts which are often heat-treated to maintain their structure.
What are the carpet fibres?
Fibres are the basic material of the carpet’s makeup. 90% is synthetic fibre, and the rest is natural fibre, mostly wool. Synthetic fibres are made up of one of three materials: nylon, polypropylene or polyester.

Nylon is a leader in performance, appearance retention, fade and heat resistance, soil and stain resistance, colour and styling.

Polypropylene is naturally resistant to stains, fading, and moisture, most often used in loop pile constructions.

Polyester is well accepted for bulkiness, colour clarity, and good stain and fade resistance.

Wool (natural fibre) ranges in colour from off-white to black, with many earthen tones in between, cleans well and is known to age gracefully.

What are the carpet styles?
There are six basic styles of carpet: textured, saxony or plush, frieze, cable, looped, and cut & loop. Each style has its own characteristics and performance capabilities.

Textured is very popular cut pile carpet with a casual look, hides footprints and vacuum marks, great for all areas in the home, especially for active families, available in a broad range of prices.

Saxony has formal, traditional and elegant looks, smooth, soft, velvet plush with a luxurious feel, uniform twist and finish, good for master bedrooms, dining rooms or formal living rooms, not a good choice for high traffic areas or active kids, shows footprints and vacuum marks.

Frieze is a cut pile style with a high twist level, has a textured surface with a knobby appearance, is durable, wears well, and hides footprints, performs well in high-traffic areas, anywhere in your home, and is available in various pile heights for different looks.

Cable is constructed of thicker, typically longer yarn, very comfortable underfoot, better suited for rooms and areas without a lot of activity as it can matte and crush with heavy foot traffic.

Looped (referred to as berber), big bulky yarns produced in a level loop or multi-level loop, highly durable and ideal for casual, active family rooms, comes in solid colours, berber fleck, patterns with varying levels of loops, hides traffic patterns well.

Cut and loop is a combination of cut and looped yarns that crate pattern effects by the variation in surface textures, also referred to as patterned carpet, low profile performs well, available in many patterns like fun geometrics and formal botanicals, distinctive carved appearance and multiple colours, hides stains and stands up to traffic.

What to know and do during installation day?
Be at home the day of installation in case the installation crew has question, be flexible and keep in touch with your installer, keep children and pets out of the work area, prior to the completion of the installation, walk through the job with the chief installer.
Fixing post-installation problems?
Be aware that shedding is a natural part of a new carpet, frequent vacuuming for the first few days should help. Sprouting is the small tufts or loops that are visible afterwards, use small scissors to trim the loose fibres flush with the carpet’s surface. For wrinkles or ripples a re-stretch may be needed.
Who needs to move the furniture?
This really depends on who you are having the work completed by. Our business is more than willing to move out items including couches, tables and chairs. We can’t move heavy objects though such as TV’s and entertainment centres. The liability issues involved are too complex for us to take part in that.
How do I get an estimate?
You can phone or email us to arrange a suitable time for an on-site visit and free estimate, advice and an accurate quote with no commitment from you.
How do you accept payment?
A Flooring Boutique requires a minimum 50% deposit in order to proceed. For balances under £500, payment in full is required. Balance must be paid on completion by cash, cheque or bank transfers, materials will only be ordered once deposit has been paid.


Sophie T, Balham SW12

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a big thank you for doing such a brilliant job fitting our new carpet, it's really transformed the room and you've done a great job making it look very tidy with the beading around the edge of the room. We're very pleased with it.

Mr S Smith, Clapham

A Flooring Boutique offered me great advice, and a great deal, the carpets look fantastic, their fitters were very professional, I would highly recommend them, thank you again.

Mrs L Berthwick, Balham

From choosing our new carpets, to the fitting in our home, everyone at A Flooring Boutique were fantastic, our floors now look and feel amazing, thank you so much.

Ms B Daily, Dulwich

We had quite a few rooms which were in need of an refresh, I am so glad we came to A Flooring Boutique, their advice was invaluable, and the service was seamless from start to finish.

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