Why Stair Runners Are a Good Idea

When you want to redecorate, there are a number of things you’ll think about. The walls and ceiling will often be a priority, but you shouldn’t forget the floor. With the right flooring, the entire space can be elevated, ensuring that you love your home’s new look and that you can be proud of where you live.

Stair runners are a great option to enable you to do just that. This strip of carpet that goes across the centre of a staircase with a gap on each side has a number of advantages, and it could be just the flooring option you’re looking for. With that in mind, here are just some of the reasons why stair runners are a good idea.


An Instant Welcome

Carpet is always a great way to make a home feel welcoming and comfortable, and if you have stair runners, that idea certainly follows through. In many homes, the stairs are close to the front door, meaning that any visitors who come will instantly see the welcoming sight of the stair runner and feel comfortable in your home. Not only that, but when you come home after a long day, that same gorgeous piece of carpeting will make you feel relaxed and at ease in your own space.

Of course, a standard stair carpet could offer this feeling, but when you add the fact that the exposed area of stair under the stair runner gives more texture and dimension and that the eye will instantly be drawn to the stairs, you’ll see that it’s a potentially better option for you.


Better Traction

Stairs can be dangerous. Think of all the potential accident hotspots in your home, and the stairs will rank near or at the top. Therefore, you’ll want to make them as safe as possible but also keep them looking beautiful and stylish.

If you have wooden stairs, which are lovely to look at, traction is an issue, particularly if you walk about the house in your socks. However, if you have carpet, although it is safer and offers more traction, it may not be your preferred style. Stair runners bridge the gap perfectly, giving you the wooden stairs you love with the added safety of the carpeted middle.


Cover Damage

Bare wooden stairs do look wonderful, and it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice. However, even treated stairs or even stairs you take good care of can become damaged. One heavy item dropped, and you’ll have a scratch or dent to deal with. This can detract from the look of your stairs and could even be something that draws the eye in a negative way.

To prevent damage from happening or to cover damage that has already occurred, stair runners could be the answer. If anything were to be dropped, it’s much more likely it will fall on the carpeted area, which is far more difficult to damage, ensuring the wood beneath is kept safe.


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How to Choose the Right Stair Runner

Stair runners can look wonderful, but you need to choose the right one; otherwise, what could be a huge decorative benefit to your home will look out of place and might even be off-putting to visitors or potential buyers if you are selling your property. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right stair runner for your home. Since we’re experts in this field, we’ve put together some information on the most important elements to think about. Read on to find out more.


Runner Width

Above all, the first thing you’ll need to consider when it comes to stair runners is the width. Getting the width right means that everything else can fall into place much more easily. So, how can you determine the right width for stair runners? It all depends on your stairs. The wider the stairs, the wider the stair runner will need to be to offer the same effect.

The first thing you’ll need to do is measure the width of your stairs. Ideally, you’ll want to have around four to five inches (10 to 12 centimetres) on each side of the stair runner, so a three-foot stair would work well with a 27-inch runner, for example. Of course, if you feel a wider or narrower stair runner is better, then that’s what you should have – the choice will ultimately be yours. However, if you start with the figures above, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t and move up or down from there.


Runner Pattern

Once you know what size your stair runners need to be, you’ll need to consider the pattern or colour. Just take a look at our selection of carpets, and you’ll see there is a hugely varied range to choose from, and it’s wise to take your time over this decision; the last thing you’ll want is to pick a pattern or colour you love, but that doesn’t match with the rest of your décor. That will make the stair runners stand out and not in a good way.

If you do want a pattern rather than something plain, you’ll also need to think about the length of the staircase and the width of the stair. Some patterns look great in long stretches and others are better for small areas. You also need to think about any bends in your stairs, as this can make a difference when it comes to the right pattern as well.

If you want something plain, that will make your decision easier, but you still need to consider the rest of your décor and the house itself – if the stairwell is already dark, adding dark colours might not be a great idea, for example. It would be better to use a lighter colour to help make the area seem brighter.


Decorative Rods

Although decorative rods aren’t compulsory when installing stair runners, they are a lovely finishing touch that can truly spruce up your décor if you decide to have them. Of course, there are a lot of choices when it comes to these rods, and you’ll need to think about which version is best.

You might opt for a gold effect or silver. Perhaps brass or brushed chrome is more to your taste. Will there be decorative ends or plain ones? These rods are not there to hold the stair runners in place, but simply to look good, and ensuring they match the rest of your home is important.

To find out more or to discuss your stair runner requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The 5 Biggest Flooring Trends for 2022

Flooring is one of the most effective ways to transform your interior design. If your current carpet, laminate or tiles appear worn, unloved or unstylish, it might be time to replace them with a more fashionable alternative.

As you will want to create a beautiful, stylish property from top to bottom, you must ensure your flooring doesn’t look out of place.


Trend #1: Stair Runners

Stair runners have become a popular option for homeowners, celebrities, interior designers and social media influencers. It adds colour, softness and texture to any interior design while making tiled or wood staircases appear less cold and clinical. What’s more, it is a safer alternative for children, the elderly or people living with mobility issues.

If you have fallen in love with stair runners, you’re bound to find a colour and design to match your taste and décor. Plus, we can customise a runner design to suit your staircase.


Trend #2: Natural Flooring Styles

Natural flooring styles will dominate properties across the country in 2022. In addition, many homeowners are expected to incorporate natural textures to bring a little of the outdoors inside the home.

Popular natural flooring styles include:

  • Wood-effect
  • Stone-look
  • Marble-look


Trend #3: Patterned Vinyl

Vinyl is becoming an increasingly popular option for homes of every size, as it is flexible, soft underfoot and water-resistant. As you can choose from many attention-grabbing patterns with authentic-looking stone and wood effects, it is ideal for those who want to create a standout interior design. However, it would help if you introduced minimalist décor to allow the flooring to draw the eye.


Trend #4: Eco Flooring

As people of every age are becoming more environmentally conscious, many are making more sustainable interior design choices. For this reason, homeowners are seeking eco-flooring options to minimise their environmental impact.

Engineered wood flooring is the best pick for those looking for a sustainable flooring option. The trees cut down to create the flooring will retain their absorbed carbon after installation, which increases clean oxygen in the air. Engineered wood is a more responsible alternative to other wood flooring options, and it can even add value to the price of your home.


Trend #5: Unique Patterns

As flooring is the perfect way to make a statement in interior design, many people are looking to incorporate more unique designs into the home. In recent years, herringbone and chevron have become stylish options in kitchens, living rooms, and hallways. Plus, wider hardwood flooring planks offer a more authentic look for larger rooms.


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The Safest Flooring Options for the Elderly

It is natural to care about an ageing parent, grandparent or relative’s safety in the home, as they may become prone to slip, trips and falls.

Unfortunately, a fall in the home can have serious health consequences for seniors. For instance, it might lead to a head injury, broken hip, fracture or soft tissue injury.

An accident in the home may even cause emotional trauma or result in a long-term hospital stay.

As you will wish to keep them safe, it makes sense that you may want to change their flooring to prevent an unnecessary accident. Continue reading to learn about the safest flooring options for the elderly.



Carpet is a smart choice for seniors. However, if your ageing loved one has their own home or lives with you, it might be time to change the flooring to protect them from an avoidable slip or fall.

Carpets are not only more slip-resistant than hardwood or laminate flooring, but they will also provide a soft landing if an elder experiences a fall in the home.

Plus, a carpet will insulate the flooring to create a warmer property, which will protect an elder during colder seasons.

However, you must vacuum a carpet regularly, as it may accumulate dust and dirt that can cause respiratory issues.


Stair Runners

Wood or tiled staircases might appear stylish and attractive, but they can pose a safety hazard for seniors.

Adding a stair runner will prevent your ageing parent, grandparent or relative from slipping when climbing or descending stairs.

A stair runner will feel more comfortable underneath a senior’s feet, which will improve their stability and sense of safety when using the stairs.

Also, it will absorb a lot of noise when people climb the stairs, which will create a more peaceful property for your loved one.

There are stair runners to complement various interior designs, too, as you or your loved one can choose from many colours and patterns.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a smart choice for a senior’s bathroom or kitchen, as it is water-resistant and softer underneath feet compared to wood, laminate and linoleum.

Therefore, an ageing parent is less likely to slip when stepping out of a shower or bath.

Vinyl flooring will not compromise on a bathroom’s aesthetics, either, as it can resemble other flooring options, such as marble, wood, ceramic tile or stone.

Also, it is a better alternative to laminate, which is easy to slip on due to its poor traction.


Rubber Flooring

Improve a senior’s stability in a kitchen or bathroom with rubber flooring. It is a slip-resistant, soft option that can prevent accidents while cushioning any falls.

As it is a fire-resistant flooring, it will increase a senior’s safety in the event of a household fire.

If you want to create a safe environment for an elderly loved one, the above flooring options are excellent choices. Reach out to us at A Flooring Boutique for more information on our carpet supply and fitting services.

5 Advantages of Wood Flooring in Your Home

Are you thinking about installing new flooring in your home?

If yes, then you should definitely consider wood flooring.

Versatile, stylish, and not as expensive as you might think, there are many reasons why wood flooring can make a wonderful addition to your home.

Need a little more convincing? Keep reading to discover five advantages of using wood flooring. Plus, here are our top tips for choosing the right wood flooring for your home.

1. Durability

Whether you choose solid or engineered wood floors, they are both highly durable and guaranteed to last. Because of this, they can be used in all areas of your home, including high footfall spaces like the hallway and stairs.

As well as being resistant to general wear and tear, wood floors are also easy to maintain and resistant to spills and stains.

Speak to our wooden floor specialists in Balham for help in choosing the right wood flooring for your home.

2. Increased comfort

If you are worried about wood flooring feeling cold underfoot, especially during the winter months, then you needn’t be. As wood is a natural product, unlike man-made laminates or tiles, it will feel much warmer and more comfortable throughout the year.

For those that like the affordability of laminate wood flooring, you can also choose to install underfloor heating to counteract the cold.

3. Enhanced hygiene

As mentioned above, wood flooring is easy to clean, making it a much more hygienic option than carpet. If you have a pet or two, it will also not hold any unpleasant pet odours and, if your pet has an accident, it can be easily wiped up.

Furthermore, if anyone in your household suffers from allergies, wood floors will not harbour any dust mites, ticks, or allergen-producing spores.

4. Versatile style

Wood flooring is one of the most versatile styles of flooring, suiting both contemporary homes and period properties alike.

Unlike carpet, vinyl, or linoleum, wood flooring never goes in and out of fashion and has been used in homes for centuries without appearing dated.

If you hate your home looking like everyone else’s, then wood is the perfect choice as each individual plank is different, and therefore, each wood flooring is unique.

5. Affordability

If you are worried about the cost of wood flooring, you will be pleased to hear that there are price ranges to suit all budgets.

While there are some wooden flooring options that are eye-wateringly expensive, there are also several that are much more affordable.

It is worth remembering that wood flooring should be seen as a long-term investment as it will last for many years to come.

Our tops tips for choosing wood flooring:

  • Laminate flooring is the cheapest option but lacks the authentic look and feel of real wood.
  • Solid wood flooring will last hundreds of years and has a luxury finish.
  • Engineered wood flooring is low maintenance and can be stained to any colour.

Whatever wood flooring you choose, it is always preferable to have it installed by a professional fitter. Otherwise, you risk an inferior finish and a less long-lasting product.

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5 Flooring Tips to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Do you struggle with small rooms in your home? Did you know that the right flooring can make a space appear much bigger?

From the use of light wood to using only one floor type across your home, keep reading to find out our top five flooring tips that guarantee to make small rooms look bigger.

1. Choose lightly-coloured flooring

Whether you prefer carpet, real wood, laminate, or vinyl, if you want to make a space feel larger than it is, you need to make sure you pick a light colour.

By choosing a light, bright and neutral colour, the room will instantly feel fresher and more spacious. Plus, it will make the most of any natural light coming into the room.

It can also be a good idea to use light coloured soft furnishings, although a few splashes of colour won’t hurt.

2. Stick to one type of flooring

Even if you don’t have an open-design living space, you can make each room flow seamlessly into the next with the use of flooring.

As a general rule, if you want to make your home feel more spacious, you should stick to one flooring type across several rooms. For example, use laminate flooring in your living room, hallway and kitchen.

The only exception to the rule is your bathroom which should be thought of as a separate space due to its specific requirements and conditions.

If you are looking for new flooring for your home, check out the collection of stylish and affordable options at aflooringboutique.co.uk.

3. Install parallel flooring

The way you install your flooring can have just as much of an impact on the feel of a room as the type of flooring that you select.

If you are trying to make a space feel bigger, then you should aim to lay your chosen flooring running parallel to the longest wall in the room.

For homeowners who prefer carpet, opt for vertical stripes rather than intricate patterns, as these will also make the space feel bigger than it actually is.

4. Use larger tiles

If you want to use tiles in your home on the floor, then the larger the tile, the better, as this will make the floor look bigger.

Ideally, you want to select tiles that are at least 12-inch squares if you’re going to open up a space and make it feel more roomy.

You can find both large carpet and vinyl tiles in these larger sizes.

5. Add a rug

Although you may think that the opposite would be true, adding a rug or two to your floor can actually make a space look bigger. In fact, by using two smaller rugs in one room, you can create the feeling of multiple areas, which promises to make the space feel bigger and more versatile.

Alternatively, add one big, round rug to the middle of a room, allowing floor space around it. As with carpet, avoid intricate patterns and instead opt for a lightweight rug in one solid colour.

Best Flooring Options For a Busy Family Home

Flooring in any home gets a lot of wear and tear, but if you have a busy household, the level of use increases and puts extra pressure on the material. So whether you have kids running in and out of the garden or pets that roam your living spaces, it’s a great idea to choose the flooring that is built to last.


There are several kinds of flooring that are suitable for busy homes. Check out the top options below:


1. Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a common option for homes that have extra traffic areas. This style of flooring is crafted using multiple layers of timber and is finished with a solid wood veneer. This wood flooring option is a great way to achieve the aesthetic of solid oak flooring but without the associated cost. It works well with underfloor heating and has a high tolerance to moisture and spills.


2. Laminate flooring

If you’re searching for an affordable and sturdy flooring option, laminate is a great choice. It is one of the most popular installations, and modern designs can withstand many years of family wear and tear. This flooring is available in a variety of styles and colours and works with traditional and contemporary décor. Another plus side is laminate flooring is easy to clean and works in all rooms in the house.


3. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since its first home installations, and there are a number of luxury vinyl designs to choose from. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Plus, you can select from a range of designs, which mimic other flooring types such as wood, stone or tiles. This flooring type is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as it’s water-resistant. You also get excellent insulation and don’t have to worry about scuffs or stains.


4. Carpet

While many family homes prefer to stick to wood flooring options, carpet is still a great option for bedrooms and living spaces. Carpet provides warmth underfoot, and there are many options to choose from. There are designs available in synthetic or wool or a mix of both. However, you can also opt for stain-proof or bleach-cleanable carpets to help with any spillages or stains. If you want more peace of mind, then avoid light colours, especially in children’s bedrooms.


5. Hardwood flooring

Solid or hardwood flooring is a top choice for long-lasting and versatile interior styling. You can also stain different types of wood flooring to get the desired effect. However, the cost is higher for hardwood flooring, and maintenance can be more challenging.


There are many suitable flooring options for busy family homes that don’t cost the earth. Discover the range at aflooringboutique.co.uk and choose from a variety of designs and colours to make your living spaces pop. If you need help with the installation, we’ve got that covered too. Contact our wooden floor specialists in Balham to find out more about our flooring services.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a popular choice for many homes. However, when you invest in flooring, it’s essential to make sure it works for your space. The question is, how do you choose the right flooring for your home, and what questions should you ask before committing to your purchase?


Take a look at this handy guide from our wooden floor specialists in Balham to help you get the best flooring solutions for your property.


1. Consider your home interiors

Unless you’re remodelling the whole space, you should always consider what’s already in situ. Wood floors are a solid investment, but getting the balance right alongside your furniture and colour scheme will ensure it all works in harmony. If you’re installing flooring in the kitchen, think about the cabinets, appliances, and overall colour palette of the space. Traditional or modern rooms also have an influence on what colour or style to use in the area.


2. Lifestyle needs

Wood flooring should work with your lifestyle and home needs. For example, if you have children and pets, the floor will experience more wear and tear over time. In this case, when choosing a suitable flooring option, consider hardwearing wood options and easy-to-clean planks. In a busy household, you also need flooring that is easy to maintain if spills and stains occur.


3. Natural daylight

It’s actually surprising how much natural daylight affects the appearance and mood of a room. When choosing the colour and finish, thinking about how the light reflects off the wood is vital. In areas with limited natural light, lighter colours can work better to open up the space. In contrast, rooms with plenty of light can work well with darker flooring options. It’s also important to think about how this light might affect the planks’ colour or quality to avoid discolouration over time.


4. Finishing options

Wood flooring can be made with a variety of finishes, and some may require staining or varnishing after a few years. This finish will determine how much maintenance is required over its lifetime, so be sure to consider this before purchasing. In addition, there are several laminate and engineered wood options that have a stain or finish applied before installation, helping to make the cleaning process more manageable.


5. Floor type

Flooring comes in different types. If you’re considering solid wood flooring, there is also the option of engineered wood as a great alternative. Engineered wood is constructed with several layers of thin plies stuck together. The benefit of this style is the added stability. Plus, it is less likely to be affected by heat and moisture. It’s also an excellent option for underfloor heating. While solid wood flooring is still a great choice, it comes with an increased cost and does require more maintenance over time.


When choosing the best flooring, there are several things to consider. Chat with our flooring specialists for advice and product recommendations if you’re unsure where to start. They will be able to advise and point you in the right direction and ensure you have a floor that you love and will continue to for years to come.

wood flooring in living area

Top Flooring Trends For 2022

Each year we see different trends emerge across interiors as a whole, and flooring is no exception. With advances in technology and changes in consumer tastes, 2022 is set to bring a variety of flooring trends to the mix to revamp your home.

Check out some of the top trends to watch out for and feel inspired to change up your home this coming new year:


Parquet flooring

While this isn’t a new trend, it’s set to make a big return next year. Parquet flooring has been featured in interiors since the 16th century. It has long been a statement look for both traditional and contemporary homes.

The colours of parquet flooring give it a distinct look. Last year, warmer tones take centre stage. However, for 2022, cooler shades are stepping into the mix. Both warm and cool colours work well in homes and create a twist on the traditional trend.


Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has received a welcome upgrade in the past few years. This affordable alternative to solid wood gives a similar effect and has a variety of styles and colours to choose from. Trends in laminate flooring to consider are herringbone and diagonal patterns, as this makes the space look larger and visually appealing.


Vinyl flooring

Another popular trend re-emerging for 2022 is the versatility of vinyl flooring. This option has advanced in the past few years, and high-quality options are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Next year’s new flooring options will see waterproof, high durability, and better quality solutions for the home. Plus, luxury vinyl plank is becoming a firm favourite for an affordable alternative to wood floors.


Wide plank flooring

Many wood plank sizes come in standard sizes. However, wider planks are a top choice for interiors in 2022. A wide plank offers the illusion of opening up the space and creates a clutter-free aesthetic. In addition, many laminate and wood flooring options will start to open up to wider plank sizes to give you more choice when choosing the best flooring for your home.


Rustic flooring

Shabby chic or rustic interiors are always a big hit, and flooring trends are following suit. This unique style offers texture and warmth in the space while giving it an individual look. Rustic flooring looks great in both traditional homes and contemporary spaces. There are several types of flooring panels to consider to get this look, including distressed sawn and brushed texture. Each has different features and appearances to achieve the perfect contrast in your living space.


Sustainable flooring

Sustainability goes beyond trends for 2022 and is a part of our Green Select products in our effort to establish sustainable standards for our customers. For example, here at aflooringboutique.co.uk, we want to bring everyone the best flooring options. In 2022, our options will include greener alternatives to help you make the best flooring choices.

While some trends come and go, we’re sure the above flooring options will be with us for a few years yet. So if you’re considering a flooring refresh in 2022, give these top trends a try.

How to create the perfect home office

With an increasing number of companies now deciding to allow their staff the permanent option to work remotely some or even all of the time, having a productive and inspiring home office is more important than ever. So if you have a room in your house that you’re thinking of converting into a workspace, here’s some advice on how to create an office that inspires creativity and productivity.



When it comes to decorating a home office, it’s important to get the basics right. For example, it’s a good idea to choose a colour scheme that is both calming and inspiring – blues and greens are fantastic choices because they tend to evoke a sense of focus, whereas grey can be dull and demotivating. Then, there are decorative extras to consider that will take your home office to the next level. Houseplants are a great choice because they not only help to purify the air but they can also boost mood, productivity, and creativity. In addition, you might like to add some inspiring artwork or photographs to the wall or bring in a coffee machine for that much-needed caffeine boost!



You want good quality flooring that exudes professionalism to get you in the right frame of mind for working when you enter the room. Our wooden floor specialists in Balham can help you to find the ideal style for your space and needs. The great thing about getting wooden flooring is that you can layer up rugs to add a cosy vibe to the room, matching the colour scheme you selected in the step above.



Now it’s time to fill your office space with some furniture. The most obvious items you’ll need are a desk and chair, and it’s important to take ergonomics into account when choosing these. Good back support and the ability to adjust aspects such as height and the position of the armrests are key in an office chair, and you might even want to think about getting an adjustable desk; this enables you to stand for part of the day.


The positioning of your laptop or desktop computer is also vital for maintaining good posture when working, so be sure to find a detailed guide online to follow. When picking a desk, check that you have enough room for all the electronics, documents, stationery, and other items you need. A cluttered space can induce feelings of stress, so also consider whether you need any storage space such as drawers or pen holders.



Lighting is a key consideration for a home office, but one that is all too often overlooked. Natural light is best if possible. However, be sure not to position your desk in such a way that the sun shines directly on your computer screen, as this can cause glare and eye strain. The same goes for artificial light sources. Having an adjustable desk lamp can be helpful for directing light precisely where you need it and ensuring that you don’t struggle to read paper documents. If you have a habit of working on your computer late at night, you may also want to consider getting a pair of blue light-blocking glasses in order to minimise the potential impact it has on your sleep.