Why Stair Runners Are a Good Idea

When you want to redecorate, there are a number of things you’ll think about. The walls and ceiling will often be a priority, but you shouldn’t forget the floor. With the right flooring, the entire space can be elevated, ensuring that you love your home’s new look and that you can be proud of where you live.

Stair runners are a great option to enable you to do just that. This strip of carpet that goes across the centre of a staircase with a gap on each side has a number of advantages, and it could be just the flooring option you’re looking for. With that in mind, here are just some of the reasons why stair runners are a good idea.


An Instant Welcome

Carpet is always a great way to make a home feel welcoming and comfortable, and if you have stair runners, that idea certainly follows through. In many homes, the stairs are close to the front door, meaning that any visitors who come will instantly see the welcoming sight of the stair runner and feel comfortable in your home. Not only that, but when you come home after a long day, that same gorgeous piece of carpeting will make you feel relaxed and at ease in your own space.

Of course, a standard stair carpet could offer this feeling, but when you add the fact that the exposed area of stair under the stair runner gives more texture and dimension and that the eye will instantly be drawn to the stairs, you’ll see that it’s a potentially better option for you.


Better Traction

Stairs can be dangerous. Think of all the potential accident hotspots in your home, and the stairs will rank near or at the top. Therefore, you’ll want to make them as safe as possible but also keep them looking beautiful and stylish.

If you have wooden stairs, which are lovely to look at, traction is an issue, particularly if you walk about the house in your socks. However, if you have carpet, although it is safer and offers more traction, it may not be your preferred style. Stair runners bridge the gap perfectly, giving you the wooden stairs you love with the added safety of the carpeted middle.


Cover Damage

Bare wooden stairs do look wonderful, and it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice. However, even treated stairs or even stairs you take good care of can become damaged. One heavy item dropped, and you’ll have a scratch or dent to deal with. This can detract from the look of your stairs and could even be something that draws the eye in a negative way.

To prevent damage from happening or to cover damage that has already occurred, stair runners could be the answer. If anything were to be dropped, it’s much more likely it will fall on the carpeted area, which is far more difficult to damage, ensuring the wood beneath is kept safe.


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