Why Choose Carpet for Your Living Room

When designing a living room, you will have to decide what type of flooring you should choose. Usually, people opt for one of three options – wooden flooring, vinyl floors, or carpet.


While hardwood and vinyl floors look great in the home, they aren’t always the best option for the living room – the space where comfort and warmth are a priority. If you want to ensure a comfortable and homely living area, this is why you should choose carpet.


The Variety of Styles


Some people conjure up boring images of the same-old standard carpet when thinking of a carpeted floor, but in reality, there are plenty of textures, colours, and patterns to suit all individual tastes. By shopping with us at aflooringboutique.co.uk, you will find all sorts of styles, from brightly coloured stripes to muted shades with a soft feel. Plus, we also offer carpet fitting, ensuring a professional appearance and increased longevity.


For Extra Warmth


The last thing someone wants is a chilly living room. After all, it’s your safe space to relax at the end of the day, whether that involves curling up with a good book or sticking on your favourite show. Luckily, a carpet provides an extra layer of warmth to help you enjoy those moments more. Due to it covering any gaps and holding the heat, you’ll notice the temperature difference as soon as it’s down. If the temperature is a big issue for you, opt for a thicker carpet and a darker shade.


Carpet is Safer


Carpet is always the better option for those with concerns over slips and falls, as there is much less chance of slipping on a soft, fluffy floor. This is important if you have mobility issues or you live with anyone who does!


To Mute Sounds


Most people don’t want to hear sounds all throughout the home. Unfortunately, with a type of flooring other than carpet, the chances of hearing what’s going on in the bedroom upstairs increase. However, with carpet, the added layer of thickness keeps the annoying sounds at bay, allowing you to relax without interruption.


To Spend Less Money


Compared to other types of flooring like hardwood, carpet is a much cheaper option, so if you have a large living room or a small budget, you can still create a stylish living room. Plus, it’s cheaper to maintain – rather than having to buy special cleaning solutions, vacuuming regularly and taking care of spills quickly is enough to ensure it lasts a long time.


It is Cosy


More than anything, carpet is the better option for a living room because it is far cosier than any other option. The soft feel on your feet combined with the overall homely appearance helps turn your living room into the most relaxing spot in the home.


So, if you want a comfortable and stylish living space, browse our great selection of carpets and use one of our professional fitters to help you make that happen.