Want Less Cleaning to Do? Choose these Top Flooring Options for Your Redesign

A home that doesn’t need any maintenance and is always perfectly clean would be a dream. It’s also not possible. No matter what, someone somehow has to take care of your property to make it shine like it deserves.


That being said, some materials are simply so much easier to keep clean, and these are the materials that will make your life a breeze. To help you pick out what floors to pick up from our Balham flooring specialists, start by understanding just what makes a floor low-maintenance.


Top Low-Maintenance Carpet Designs

What Type of Carpet Weave?


There are many, many different types of carpet construction. In general, anything low-pile and woven is going to be longer-lasting and require less maintenance. Woven carpets, loop carpets, and low-pile carpets all tend to take on wear and tear like a pro and are usually far easier to keep clean since there’s less room for dirt and dust to hide.


What Type of Material?

The material you choose is also going to affect how easy it is to keep your flooring looking great. While wool is natural, breathable, and comfortable, it can also stain more easily. If you want a durable option that’s easy to clean, choose either nylon or polypropylene. Nylon is very easy to clean and can be refreshed with a steam clean to return its natural bounce. Even polyester is easy to clean since it’s difficult to stain.


Top Low-Maintenance Hard Flooring Designs

If you prefer hard flooring options, then you have a lot of different designs and considerations to make.

What are the Best Designs?


In general, anything that doesn’t have deep grain or sunken edges is going to be very easy to clean. Your floors could, therefore, be engineered hardwood, tile, LVP, or laminate. Where you’ll run into problems is with natural or original wood floors that feature a lot of texture, as that texture is where dirt and moisture can hide. However, you can treat original floors and fill in those holes and gaps to give yourself a smooth, easy-to-clean finish.


What are the Best Materials?


In general, anything that is stain-resistant and easy to mop up and hoover is going to be your best friend. Luxury vinyl plank, ceramic, and porcelain are the best options for tile designs, while laminate and engineered hardwood are the top choices for hardwood alternatives.


Protect Heavy-Trafficked Areas

To further protect your hard floors, especially original or engineered hardwood, you’ll want to add additional protection. A large doormat and rubber mat near your front door will help catch dust, mud, and water before it can damage your floors. Swapping over to a waterproofed tile option near your entrances is another great way to minimise wear and tear. You can use rug runners as well.


All of these will help minimise wear on your hard floors. When they do need a clean, they’ll be easy to wipe down and bring back to life.


These are our best tips for choosing floors that require less maintenance.