Transforming Your Interior: 5 Stylish Carpet Ideas

Almost every guest will look at your flooring when they step inside your home, as it can determine your interior’s appearance and comfort. If you want to create an attractive, luxurious space, you might need to pull up your existing carpet and invest in a brand-new design.

If you are ready to transform the look and feel of your interior, take a look at these five stylish carpet ideas for your home.

  1. A Burst of Colour and Texture with Stripes

If you are looking to inject a burst of colour and texture into your home, a striped carpet is an ideal option. The design and shades can pop against white walls, so you won’t need to depend on many accessories to inject personality into the space. It is for this reason that many people are opting to incorporate striped carpet and runners on their stairs.

  1. Go Neutral for a Calming Atmosphere

Our experienced carpet fitters in Surrey have seen their fair share of carpets throughout the years, and they will be the first to tell you that a neutral colour scheme is ideal for those looking to create a calming environment. Choose from a wide variety of hues for your home, such as grey, beige, or brown carpet. It could make a big difference to the look and feel of your home.

  1. Contrasting Colours

Prove to your guests that you have an eye for interior design by using contrasting colours in your living room, bedroom, or dining room. For example, if you want to paint your interior in a dark blue hue, you could create a lighter, stylish space by laying down a pale carpet, such as a white or cream shade.

  1. Add Drama with a Dark Carpet

A dark carpet, such as grey or black, can add drama into a room and can work in harmony with a lighter colour scheme. Plus, a darker shade will be much more forgiving than the likes of white or beige, as it will hide an unwanted stain or wear and tear that can occur throughout the years. It’s a great way to make a room appear sleek and sophisticated.

  1. Inject a Pop of Colour for Personality

If your interior is lacking personality, you could inject a pop of colour with a bright carpet shade, such as pink, red, or blue. It can add vibrancy and texture into your interior and can complement more minimalist surroundings. You also could create a balanced space by hanging works of art and home accessories that contain a similar shade. It is bound to grab your guests’ attention.

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