Top Carpeting Ideas for Your Home

Carpeting in a home can bring comfort and warmth while also absorbing sound. It is a great choice for those looking to move away from wooden floors which can be hard and cold, especially in the winter months. If you’re still in love with wooden floors, though, there are also ways of laying carpets so that you can have a balance of both. Whatever your fancy, there are numerous options for adding carpet to your home to provide style and comfort. Keep reading for some ideas.

Stair Runners

Stairs can take a beating, and if they’re wooden, they can also be loud to walk on. Stair runners are a great solution to this as they not only provide a softer feel under foot, but they can also add significant style to the entire staircase. Experiment with bold patterns, colours, and widths to see which suits your taste and preferences.

Carpet Tiles

If you’re carpeting an entire room and want to add a bit of flair, carpet tiles are an excellent choice because you can mix and match. Whether it’s mixing up the same pattern into different arrangements, or using different patterns and colours altogether, carpet tiles give you more autonomy over the design on your floor.

Animal Print

Animal print carpet is gaining popularity these days, and can come in zebra, leopard, or even fawn designs. These work great in any kind of space, whether it’s a set of stairs, a living room, or a bedroom.

Neutral Carpet

For those aiming for a more calming atmosphere, neutral carpets are the best choice. Light beige, grey, or brown colours without any pattern can make a room feel more relaxing. Opt for soft carpeting to increase the relaxation factor even more.

Large Area Rugs

Area rugs are great for adding design to a room, but also for covering certain areas of wooden flooring. Large area rugs with borders can be great for a kitchen area, as can large circular rugs underneath coffee tables.

Two Carpets

Another creative idea is to use two different types of carpet alongside each other. This can create an interesting effect as long as the tone and colours go together. Try experimenting with contrasting patterns, perhaps by having one style of carpet on the perimeter of the room, and another style in the centre.

Striped Carpet

Striped carpet may not be to everyone’s taste, especially as it can be dizzying on the eyes. But done right, it can create the illusion of space by elongating the look of the room. There are a variety of different types of striped carpet, ranging from natural to multi-coloured.

Bright Colours

Rather than choose natural tones like beige or white, why not experiment with some bright colours to spice up a room? Bright colours can make a bold statement and can add fun to a bedroom or office

There are endless choices when it comes to carpeting a home. Whether it’s bold patterns or something understated, carpet can bring warmth, colour, and comfort.