The Safest Flooring Options for the Elderly

It is natural to care about an ageing parent, grandparent or relative’s safety in the home, as they may become prone to slip, trips and falls.

Unfortunately, a fall in the home can have serious health consequences for seniors. For instance, it might lead to a head injury, broken hip, fracture or soft tissue injury.

An accident in the home may even cause emotional trauma or result in a long-term hospital stay.

As you will wish to keep them safe, it makes sense that you may want to change their flooring to prevent an unnecessary accident. Continue reading to learn about the safest flooring options for the elderly.



Carpet is a smart choice for seniors. However, if your ageing loved one has their own home or lives with you, it might be time to change the flooring to protect them from an avoidable slip or fall.

Carpets are not only more slip-resistant than hardwood or laminate flooring, but they will also provide a soft landing if an elder experiences a fall in the home.

Plus, a carpet will insulate the flooring to create a warmer property, which will protect an elder during colder seasons.

However, you must vacuum a carpet regularly, as it may accumulate dust and dirt that can cause respiratory issues.


Stair Runners

Wood or tiled staircases might appear stylish and attractive, but they can pose a safety hazard for seniors.

Adding a stair runner will prevent your ageing parent, grandparent or relative from slipping when climbing or descending stairs.

A stair runner will feel more comfortable underneath a senior’s feet, which will improve their stability and sense of safety when using the stairs.

Also, it will absorb a lot of noise when people climb the stairs, which will create a more peaceful property for your loved one.

There are stair runners to complement various interior designs, too, as you or your loved one can choose from many colours and patterns.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a smart choice for a senior’s bathroom or kitchen, as it is water-resistant and softer underneath feet compared to wood, laminate and linoleum.

Therefore, an ageing parent is less likely to slip when stepping out of a shower or bath.

Vinyl flooring will not compromise on a bathroom’s aesthetics, either, as it can resemble other flooring options, such as marble, wood, ceramic tile or stone.

Also, it is a better alternative to laminate, which is easy to slip on due to its poor traction.


Rubber Flooring

Improve a senior’s stability in a kitchen or bathroom with rubber flooring. It is a slip-resistant, soft option that can prevent accidents while cushioning any falls.

As it is a fire-resistant flooring, it will increase a senior’s safety in the event of a household fire.

If you want to create a safe environment for an elderly loved one, the above flooring options are excellent choices. Reach out to us at A Flooring Boutique for more information on our carpet supply and fitting services.