The Perfect Flooring: How to Give Your Hallway the Wow Factor

Your hallway provides your guests with a first impression of your home. If it appears unattractive, cold, or uninviting, your visitors will believe every other room in the home will look the same. It is therefore essential to choose the right flooring, which can create a comfortable, stylish, and welcoming space. You also must aim to complement your chosen flooring with the correct accessories.

If you want to impress every person that knocks on your door or steps inside your home, read the following tips on how to give your hallway the wow factor.

Fit a Stylish Stair Runner

Many homeowners are choosing to incorporate stylish runners onto their stairs, as they can inject a pop of colour, personality, and texture into the space. At A Flooring Boutique, we provide a variety of on-trend stair runners that are available in many colours and patterns to suit your interior and taste.

It could help you to create a unique staircase and will prove you have exceptional attention to detail when it comes to interior design. Plus, the luxurious flooring can be customised to match the exact width of your stairs. It’s a luxurious feature that’s bound to impress every guest who enters your home.

Install Hard Flooring

You could complement an attractive stair runner with hard flooring in your hallway. A durable floor is ideal for a hallway, as it can withstand much foot traffic throughout the years and won’t lose its visual appeal. What’s more, laminate or wood flooring can elongate a space, which can create the illusion of a spacious, long hallway. We also provide hard flooring options to match every need and budget.

Hide Your Radiators

Unsightly radiators can detract from your beautiful hard flooring or a stylish stair runner. Make a positive first impression by installing a radiator cover that will complement your interior design. There are different colours and styles available on the market that can work in harmony with your flooring, or you could paint them to match your stair runner.

Add a Focal Point

Wow every guest that steps inside your home by adding a stunning focal point. You could add a splash of luxury with an elegant chandelier, or you could hang a beautiful work of art that complements the colours in your stair runner. It will grab your visitors’ attention and make them eager to explore more rooms across your home.

Contact a Flooring Boutique

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