Should You Fit a Carpet Yourself? Pros of Professional Carpet Fitting

It is an arduous task. Trying to find the perfect carpet to match your décor or style.


Carpets have many pros, such as retaining heat, being more comfortable to walk on, and even preventing accidents. That is, of course, provided they are fitted correctly, which is often only guaranteed if a professional fits them. 


So, if you have found the perfect maroon carpet to match your living or bedroom, is it worth spending extra money on a professional fit? Yes, it is, and here are five reasons why from our team at A Flooring Boutique!


Precision Fit

There are few, if any, rooms in the modern home that are a perfect square. Even if they are, that doesn’t mean that fitting them with a carpet will be easy!


The best reason to hire a professional carpet fitter is because they can customise the carpet to fit any room. London carpet fitters will usually come to the home to assess the room shape and the tools they need to get the carpet to fit perfectly. Yes, different room shapes and carpet types need different tools; you won’t be able to do that kind of precise work with a Stanley knife and a how-to guide online!


No Mistakes

You’ve spent weeks planning the décor of the room, and at last, the carpet has been delivered. The last thing you want is for it to become shredded due to a craft knife or incorrect cutting technique!


When you hire a professional to fit your carpet, the mistake rate drops to zero (in most cases!), and you will be left with a great-looking, seam-free carpet that has been fitted to the shape of the room. 



If you buy a carpet to fit it by yourself, if you do not fit it as you need to, you may void the warranty of the carpet and spend a fortune having to purchase more carpeting materials. If you hire professional carpet fitters, any errors on their part will not void the warranty of the carpet and will save you money should you need to get more carpet delivered to your home.


Increased House Value

Yes, if you are looking to sell your home in the future or you are planning to rent it out, you will want to have any carpets fitted by a professional. 


Even though it may not seem like something that can be spotted, estate agents and letting agents can spot when a carpet has not been fitted by a professional and may decrease the value of your home or its rental value, so while it may be an additional cost in the short-term, long-term, opting for a professional fitting can earn you more money!



Most people think that with the use of YouTube and a bit of hard work, they can master any skill set and end up with professional-looking results. 


Sadly, that’s not the case! Hiring a professional fitter will save you a lot of time, and, of course, the job will be completed quickly, giving you a professional addition to your home.


So, if you want a gorgeous fit to your home’s carpet, call our team at A Flooring Boutique today!