How to Update Your Living Room for the New Year

People love making resolutions in the new year. Many involve improving the self, such as getting in shape or learning a new skill. What about your home, though? When you spend so much time there, it deserves just as much of your attention. Especially your living room, which is the space where you get to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to create an entirely new space that reflects your new tastes while providing a refreshed, relaxing zone for the new year? Of course, it would! Here’s how to update your living room for the new year.

Install a New Foor

A new floor can change the atmosphere of the entire room. So, if your floor is old or outdated, or you simply don’t like it, consider getting a new floor or carpet in time for the new year. A carpet is a great option, particularly in the winter, as it provides extra insulation and keeps the room cosy! Plus, you have many options when it comes to carpets; you could opt for a simple wool carpet or choose a loop pile design for extra density and durability. Not sure what you want? Our Carpets in Dulwich have plenty of carpet options to help you pick the perfect carpet for your living room.

Store the Clutter

A cluttered living space will make you uncomfortable, so sort that out for the new year by investing in new storage and hiding the clutter. Perhaps get a new TV stand with extra storage. Or, purchase hanging baskets for your miscellaneous items. Shelf dividers work well for cluttered bookshelves, as they make it easier to separate your items.

Hang a New Piece of Art

It’s incredible how much impact a single piece of art can have. Don’t worry – you don’t need the original Mona Lisa hung in your living space to make a difference. A new piece of art that you love will suffice. Consider hanging a large art piece above your mantelpiece for a change in décor. Not only will the artwork capture the eye, but it will help create a more finished, beautiful living room.

Buy a New Coffee Table

A coffee table usually sits in the centre of a living room, which makes it an essential piece of furniture for changing the room’s aesthetic. If you want to give your living space a refresher, consider getting a new one (especially if your current coffee table is outdated). There are plenty of excellent options for a new coffee table, such as glass, pure wood, metal, and even geometric.

Throw Down Some New Cushions

Not in the mood for a complete living room renovation? After the holiday season, that’s understandable. Luckily, there’s an easy way of changing the way the living room looks: throwing down some new cushions. A little pop of colour or interesting patterns will bring your sofas to life!

You have many options for changing your living room for the new year. You could go all out by purchasing a new carpet, or you could change something small by hanging a new piece of art or getting some new cushions.