How to Make Your Living Room Warmer Using Floor Space

The living room is the most sociable place in the home if you have a growing family, or it can be the perfect place for rest and relaxation if you live alone or as a couple. Either way, making the living room as warm and inviting as possible is something that most people strive for, but this might be a challenge for many reasons. If you’re looking to upgrade the warmth of your living space, here are a few ideas you can try.


Have Carpet Installed

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest and best changes you can make to a room in terms of adding warmth and layers is having carpet installed. There are many benefits of wooden flooring, but they can grow cold – especially in winter – if you don’t have underfloor heating options or if you don’t layer them with rugs. Having a thick and durable carpet that’s soft underfoot can not only make your room feel warmer, but it can have it looking warmer, too. You can browse the great selection of carpets in Dulwich, with so many options to match the aesthetic of your room.


Use Layered Rugs

Rugs are not just reserved for an area over hardwood floor. The more rugs you can layer up, the better, and this can even be the case if you already have carpet down. Rugs can have a room feeling more cosy, add an extra layer of warmth under your feet, and are also ideal for adding a splash of warm colours like oranges and reds if you want to brighten up a room.


Rich and deep colours can easily make a room feel warmer based on décor alone, and rugs are ideal for this if you don’t want too bold a pattern for your entire carpet but would like a small addition of it in a certain area, such as under the coffee table.


Make Use of All Your Floor Space for a Cosier Feel

If your room is sparse in furniture or minimalistic in design, this can make it feel a lot more empty and, by default, potentially colder. If you make use of all the floor space, you have to make sure everything has a place and no corner is cold or untouched. This can help to create a more warming and welcoming atmosphere. You could use furniture, chairs, and sofas placed together for a sociable space and make sure that bare areas on the floor are filled with accessories or other warming touches.


Have Long Curtains That Drape Onto the Floor

Fabric curtains are a pinnacle for any room that wants to look and feel warmer. As opposed to wooden or metal blinds, thick fabric curtains can help to add even more layers to your living space. Furthermore, long curtains draping onto the floor can help a room look more layered. If you have very short curtains, you’re risking a bare space underneath the window sill, as well as on the floor in front if you don’t have anything to place there. Long curtains which run to the floor can help to frame your window in a better way and add full warmth.