How to Keep Your Carpets Clean Throughout Winter

As autumn is in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about carpet care in the winter. While your windows may be firmly shut, there are actually plenty more chances for your carpets to get dirty or damaged during the winter months than during the summer. That’s why it’s so important that you go above and beyond regular carpet maintenance to take care of your carpets.

What Types of Carpets Are the Easiest to Maintain?


If you’re in the market for new carpets and are hoping to take out some of the maintenance requirements, then you’ll want to choose a low-pile or flat-woven design. These designs offer less space for dirt to fall down and get trapped, making them easier to hoover and keep clean.


You’ll also want to get the best carpet fitters London has to offer to install a nylon option. Nylon is much easier to maintain, especially in comparison to polyester or polypropylene. Even wool carpets, though luxurious and great at helping pull humidity from the air, tend to stain easily.


By having the pros install your already durable carpet, you don’t have to worry about dust and dirt coming up from underneath your floorboards, as your experts will insulate your space first with a paper underfloor and then rubber underlay.


How to Keep Your Carpets Clean Throughout Winter


While carpets that have been professionally fitted and are chosen for their low-maintenance design will, by their very nature, be far easier to take care of, these tips can help everyone maintain clean and beautiful carpets throughout the winter months:


1.     Invest in a Large, Good Quality Doormat


Mud, dirt, dust, leaves – all of that and more gets brought in after a long walk outside. As the days get shorter and wetter, the amount of dirt and debris you’ll carry with you is only going to increase. That’s why it’s so important to stop all that dirt at the door. This even applies if you have hardwood or vinyl flooring in your hallway, as dirt can get kicked up and spread further throughout your home.


In general, you should have a brush mat outside to wipe off mud and debris and then another mat inside to catch the rest. Store your shoes underneath a rubber tray to catch any leftover water, and you’ll immediately minimise your cleaning efforts.


2.     Hoover Your High-Traffic Areas Regularly


Just capturing the dirt at the door isn’t going to be enough, especially if your front door opens out to the street, where a good gust of wind can blow a lot of dirt and particles into your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to hoover your high-traffic areas once or twice per week. Make sure that you go slow to really create a deep suction and get all the dirt out of the crevices.


3.     Consider Rearranging Your Furniture

If you want to avoid wear and tear and reach those inaccessible corners, change the layout of each room (if you can). Swapping things over just a little bit will open up new floor paths to give your high-trafficked areas a bit of a break. It will also open up those areas of your carpet that were previously impossible to reach, so you can evenly clean your floors and not worry about long-lasting dust build-up.