How to Decorate a Staircase Hall

Are you looking for some stylish and original staircase wall decorating ideas?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Often overlooked when it comes to focal points within your home, staircase walls can easily be transformed into a stunning interior design feature.

Plus, with a little bit of careful planning, you can inject a bit of your family’s personality onto the walls without spending hardly any money at all.

Ready to get started?

Consider the design of your staircase

Before you start choosing items to hang on your staircase wall, you first need to consider the staircase wall’s actual design.

Does it have a window?

Is it a straight or curved wall?

Is the wall painted or wallpapered?

Furthermore, it would help if you took into consideration the staircase itself.

Are your stairs carpeted?

Have you used stair runners?

All of the above will help to determine what type of designs you choose for your staircase wall.

Plan a focal point

Whether you want to display family photos, your children’s artwork, or pop culture posters, it can be a good idea to choose one focal item that you want people’s eyes to be drawn to first.

Once you have this piece, you can then build the rest of your display around this, ensuring that everything ties in with the original concept.

Pick your frames

The right frames can transform your staircase wall from uninspiring to breath-taking, so make sure you take the time to choose ones that really add something to your wall’s overall look.

If your home is a bit eclectic in its design, don’t be afraid to mix and match different frames’ styles. However, if you favour a more minimalist vibe, you can better stick to simple and elegant coordinating frames.

Decide on the layout

You can choose to arrange your chosen wall art however you want and use as many different pieces as you see fit. That being said, in terms of how high you should hang your pictures, there is a general rule that you should abide by.

To get maximum impact from your staircase wall, measure the wall at roughly 56 inches from the bottom stair and then repeat this process on the top step, as well as a few spots along the mid-stairway landing. This height marks your staircase’s average eye level and, therefore, should be where you hang your focal piece.

Get measuring

If you want your staircase wall to have the wow factor, then this stage is crucial. You need to make sure that you accurately measure the space between each piece of wall art before you start hammering, or you run the risk of your design looking chaotic and sloppy.

Don’t forget to measure the back of your chosen frames so that you know exactly where to hammer the nail holes to ensure a straight-hanging picture.

Staircase wall decorating ideas:

  • Children’s art gallery wall
  • Statement wallpaper
  • Family portraits
  • Wall decals
  • Black and white prints
  • Vintage pictures
  • Bold door shots
  • Nautical prints