How to Clean Your Floors Properly

Everyone has their routine when it comes to household chores and cleaning your floors is no different. Vacuums, mops and brushes are all perfectly reasonable to use for regular cleaning, but they’re not always suitable for certain types of flooring. Even deep cleaning your carpets, while you can do that yourself, is sometimes best left to professionals to avoid damaging the fabric.

Below are some top tips for cleaning different types of floors properly and keeping them in good condition.


A good quality vacuum cleaner used regularly will help keep your carpets clean from dust and dirt that gets caught in the fibres. Any spills should be dealt with quickly either with store-bought stain remover or homemade remedies.

Spray your stain remover onto a separate cloth instead of the stain itself to avoid making the carpet too damp. Also, dab at it instead of rubbing it — the latter will only spread the stain into the carpet further. With another clean and damp cloth, dab the stain again to help lift the stain remover solution and then place damp paper towels or clean tea towels over the spot for a few hours/overnight. Let your carpet airdry.

For deep cleans, invest in a top-quality steam carpet cleaner to freshen your carpets, and rid them of any lingering dirt and bacteria. If you don’t want to do this yourself, call a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring should be a little easier to keep clean than a carpet for obvious reasons. Therefore, people tend to choose this type of floor for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Our London flooring company has plenty of high-quality vinyl flooring to choose from if you’re looking to restyle these rooms in your home.

However, like anything, some products for cleaning your vinyl floors are better than others. Another homemade cleaning solution idea for your vinyl flooring is a mixture of cider vinegar and hot water, which will deep clean the floor without leaving a build-up of residue like other soaps. You can both sweep and vacuum vinyl flooring to pick up any excess dirt and dust.

Hard Wood Floors

Some people might choose to vacuum their wooden floors but it’s better if you don’t. Vacuum cleaners tend to scratch wooden floors, causing damage and making them dull. Instead, purchase a microfibre mop to pick up the dust particles, as this is far gentler on wooden surfaces. To clean up any spills or sticky spots, you can use the same vinegar and water solution as you do on vinyl flooring. Just make sure you’re not making the floor too damp to avoid the wood absorbing excess water or ruining the finish.

Having a clean and tidy home helps make the space feel relaxing and fresher. Having clean carpets and floors is just another part of the process, but make sure you’re cleaning the different flooring in your home properly to avoid damage and for best results.