How to Choose the Right Colour Carpet for Your Home

Carpets just make sense in the home. Even if you don’t want carpet throughout your property, you’ll probably still have them upstairs and particularly in bedrooms. Touching cold hardwood on a winter morning is just not nice. Hardwood or lookalike options also collect dust and require much more in terms of maintenance just to continue looking great. While carpets do need a good hoover regularly, they are far more forgiving.


Knowing you want carpet in your home is step one. Going into our carpet fitters London location in Dulwich so you can physically feel the options available is essential step number two. All that’s left is to determine what shade is right for your home.


While it may seem like there’s minimal difference, that minimal shift in colour tone can make a huge impact on how well your home comes together. You can’t just choose the shade you like on the floor, either. You need to consider a lot of key factors, including:


The Paint Colour Scheme


It doesn’t even matter if your home is entirely white. The exact shade of white is going to play a huge part in which shade of carpeting works best for your property. A cool white isn’t going to pair well with a warm beige carpet, especially if your furniture is also leaning toward the greyscale.


Warm Tone Versus Cool Tones


Now, you can absolutely repaint your property to best match your carpets later. The issue, of course, is that we all tend to lean one way or the other in terms of cool/warm tones. Knowing which side you lean on can help you choose a carpet that looks great throughout all of your home updates.


If you tend to lean towards soft whites that are creamy in tone, then you typically prefer warm tones. Your lights will be a warm yellow; you’ll prefer the feel of cosiness in your home. If you prefer bluer lights, greys, and clean modern finishings, then you’ll likely prefer cooler-toned carpets. Knowing what you lean more towards can help you choose that enduring carpet shade that works throughout your home.


The Shade of Your Large Furnishings


If you are carpeting your living room, then you will want to give some thought to how the carpet will look next to your chosen sofa. If you already have a sofa (and spent a lot on it), then the last thing you want is to install a mismatched carpet underneath it. See if the manufacturer has a fabric swatch for your sofa and/or chairs, and bring those to our carpet store to find shades that look good together.


You Can Mix and Match


Your downstairs living room carpet can be different from the carpet in your upstairs. The break between floors means you do have this as an option, which typically expands design possibilities in your home. It also means you can use a hardier carpet downstairs that will see a lot more foot traffic and a softer carpet for the upstairs bedrooms.