How to Choose the Right Carpet For Your Home: Top Factors to Consider in 2023

Choosing carpet for your home is a big decision, as it can greatly affect the look, feel, and overall comfort of your space. There are so many factors to consider as well, from the pile height to the fibres used. Even the density of the carpet you choose matters since it will impact its durability, comfort, and overall lifespan. While it may feel like choosing a carpet is straightforward, you’ll be surprised to learn it’s anything but. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start and if you’re making the right decision for your home. The good news is that there are a few key factors to consider when selecting a carpet for your home, and so long as the option you’ve chosen ticks those boxes, you’ll be sure to be happy with your purchase for years to come.

Room Traffic

Room traffic is going to impact the type of carpet you can install significantly. High-traffic areas like hallways, for example, need a hard-wearing option that will withstand years upon years of footsteps. High-traffic areas, for example, would better suit a nylon or polyester low-pile option. More luxurious carpets that are plush, made of silk and wool, and feel amazing to step on should be reserved for low-traffic areas like the bedroom.

Feel Underfoot

A floor that’s itchy or uncomfortable to step on is not one you’re going to want to spend much time on. Since you’ll be either barefoot or in socks, it’s essential that the carpet you choose feels good, even if it’s a hard-wearing, low-pile option. This is why it’s so important to visit the showroom not just to see but experience the best Balham carpets in person. Carpets are all about touch and comfort, so experiencing them first-hand is a must.

Maintenance Requirements

All carpets need maintenance. Regular hoovering is standard, for example, but some carpets show dirt and dust more easily than others. If you want a low-maintenance option, then choosing a stain-resistant material in a lighter colour is a must. Low pile is also going to be easier to keep clean than high pile since dust can’t burrow as deep into the fibres.


When it comes to cost, there’s a happy balance between what you can afford and what works out to be the most affordable. An option that costs next to nothing upfront may wear down quickly and need to be replaced before you are ready to move. In general, an option that’s hard-wearing and requires less maintenance, in the long run, will ultimately cost less overall, so try to choose the option that will only need to be changed out when you’re ready for a style update.


Style is the last thing you should consider when it comes to carpets. Why fall in love with the look of an option that simply doesn’t work for your household? By narrowing down your options based on the practical factors that will greatly impact how you interact with your space, you can then make sure you’ve chosen a rug that doesn’t just look good but holds up throughout the years.