Five Unique Ways to Use Carpet in Your Home

Carpet is the go-to choice for a soft underfoot sensation. It is warmer, cosier, and can look absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately, the carpet also has its downsides, which is why wood flooring options are often preferred, at least for the main living areas.

Carpet deserves better. It has so much design potential that is currently being overlooked, and that travesty just cannot stand. Carpet has so much to offer, and with a few unique ideas and a new perspective you can enjoy the comfort of carpet and stunning design in your home.

1.   Use Carpet Tile to Create a Plush Look

Carpet tile allows you to create a unique look. Change the direction of the carpet for a minimal tile look or use different colours to truly brighten a space and give it interest. Installation can be complicated, as you don’t have the benefit of one carpet strip to keep the rest of your floor down, but the effect is well worthwhile.

2.   Use Flat Neutrals to Lighten Up Your Space

If you have a dark space, then look for bright, light-reflect as much light as possible. You may also want to look for more flat-woven carpets, rather than plush ones so that they are easier to clean and cast less of a shadow on your floor. You want the space to be bright and feel clean, which is a feature that plush carpets tend to lose over time.

3.   Look for Fun Designs to Add Décor

Laminate or vinyl is not the only flooring options that can use interesting and fun designs. Carpets are more than just one flat colour. They can have designs from stripes to polka dots and beyond. Go for a big, bold look, or choose patterns that use neutral colour schemes for a subtle, compelling look that will really pull a room together.

4.   Use Stair Runners to Breathe New Life into Your Stairwell

Stairwells typically see a lot of traffic, and if yours is losing its lustre then the best way to add design and really make it pop is not with yet another coat of paint, but with stair runners. Choose a neutral design, or make the stairs really pop. The stair runners protect your floor and add interesting design elements for something that takes up so much space in your home, amplifying its overall design.

5.   Use Carpets to Create Room Subsections

Furniture and rugs are often used to subdivide rooms, but that isn’t the only way you can get the job done. You can have half of your big living space carpeted, and the other half finished with hardwood, to subdivide the space between the comfortable living room and functional dining room. No one thinks twice when this strategy is done with tile and hardwood, but add carpet to the mix, and you can enjoy plush comfort perfect for the whole family.

Carpet has so much to offer, and with some great design ideas and the right installer, you can truly make your home pop with carpet. Enjoy stellar design and the joy of something soft underfoot.