Best Flooring Options For a Busy Family Home

Flooring in any home gets a lot of wear and tear, but if you have a busy household, the level of use increases and puts extra pressure on the material. So whether you have kids running in and out of the garden or pets that roam your living spaces, it’s a great idea to choose the flooring that is built to last.


There are several kinds of flooring that are suitable for busy homes. Check out the top options below:


1. Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a common option for homes that have extra traffic areas. This style of flooring is crafted using multiple layers of timber and is finished with a solid wood veneer. This wood flooring option is a great way to achieve the aesthetic of solid oak flooring but without the associated cost. It works well with underfloor heating and has a high tolerance to moisture and spills.


2. Laminate flooring

If you’re searching for an affordable and sturdy flooring option, laminate is a great choice. It is one of the most popular installations, and modern designs can withstand many years of family wear and tear. This flooring is available in a variety of styles and colours and works with traditional and contemporary décor. Another plus side is laminate flooring is easy to clean and works in all rooms in the house.


3. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since its first home installations, and there are a number of luxury vinyl designs to choose from. It’s easy to clean and maintain. Plus, you can select from a range of designs, which mimic other flooring types such as wood, stone or tiles. This flooring type is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as it’s water-resistant. You also get excellent insulation and don’t have to worry about scuffs or stains.


4. Carpet

While many family homes prefer to stick to wood flooring options, carpet is still a great option for bedrooms and living spaces. Carpet provides warmth underfoot, and there are many options to choose from. There are designs available in synthetic or wool or a mix of both. However, you can also opt for stain-proof or bleach-cleanable carpets to help with any spillages or stains. If you want more peace of mind, then avoid light colours, especially in children’s bedrooms.


5. Hardwood flooring

Solid or hardwood flooring is a top choice for long-lasting and versatile interior styling. You can also stain different types of wood flooring to get the desired effect. However, the cost is higher for hardwood flooring, and maintenance can be more challenging.


There are many suitable flooring options for busy family homes that don’t cost the earth. Discover the range at and choose from a variety of designs and colours to make your living spaces pop. If you need help with the installation, we’ve got that covered too. Contact our wooden floor specialists in Balham to find out more about our flooring services.