7 Benefits of Having Carpet in Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, there can often be some debate; while some people are die-hard laminate floor lovers, others may prefer a softer touch underfoot. There’s no doubt that there are many benefits to every floor option — but what are the benefits when it comes to choosing carpet?

1. It Can Help to Reduce Noise
This can be particularly beneficial if you have a top-floor apartment or if you have a household filled with noisy feet. Carpet can help to soften the blow of any heavy footsteps and movement and keep your home a little quieter with a softer approach to moving around!

2. It Can Be Great for Pets
Pets are going to love playing on the floor, rolling around on the floor, and lounging on the floor. If you provide them with a soft, squishy carpet option, compared to a hard and cold wooden floor, you might find they do it even more. It also helps to make pets more comfortable and keep a room warmer for them.

3. It Can Have Your Home Feeling Warmer and Cosier
There’s no doubt that even just the appearance of carpet can have a home feeling warmer. Thick and cosy carpet options can help you to avoid bare feet coming into contact with a cold, hard floor and also help to insulate a room and give it an overall softer appeal. Be sure to use local carpet fitters to help fit carpet in your home, exactly the way you need for optimum cosy levels.

4. It Can Add Much-Needed Colour
There are so many different colour options when it comes to carpet that you really are spoiled for choice. In comparison to laminate flooring, you can use much bolder and brighter colours with carpet. This means a great option for those who like a bold colour scheme or would like to use colour in their rooms using the flooring rather than the walls.

5. It Can Be Fun to Use Quirky Designs
In addition to a great many colour choices, there are also an abundant amount of quirky designs you can find for carpet. Whether it’s bold geometric shapes, stripes, or spots, there are plenty of quirks to choose from. This can be a great choice for focal points or feature points, such as a large stairway or hallway, for adding interesting designs to your home’s décor.

6. It Can Be a Safer Option
Choosing carpet means there is less chance for slipping and falling. Even if you do take a tumble on the carpet, you can then have more cushioning to break your fall. Especially on staircases and hallways, carpet can provide essential grip under your feet compared to slippy and shiny laminate floors.

7. It Can Be Cheaper
Depending on the carpet option you go for and your personal requirements, of course, but you may find that carpet can be a lot cheaper than hardwood flooring options, especially if you’re kitting out every room of your home or a large space.
So there you have it! Seven reasons why carpet is a fantastic choice for any home.