6 Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet

Making the decision to have carpet fitted in your home is the easy part; the more difficult one is choosing which is the right carpet for you! Which style, material, colour, and pattern should you get? How do you know you’re making the right choice, and which carpet would best suit your home? Well, here are six tips to help make the choice easier!

  1. Choosing the Best Material

Carpets come in many different materials, so it’s a good idea to research your options before committing. The choice of material also needs to factor in your budget, as some materials may be out of your price range. Synthetic carpet is a popular choice for many different budgets, but you can also get natural fibres, such as wool, which is also a beneficial choice.

  1. Choosing the Colour

When selecting the colour of your new carpet, it isn’t just about the carpet itself, but the room as a whole. You should take into account the existing colour scheme of your room, the colour of furniture or soft furnishings (like your sofa), and also any plans to change the colour in the future.

This ensures that you can then select the best colour carpet for your room. When it comes to carpet colour, it’s important to think about contrast. If you already have a bold-coloured room in dark shades, you may then want to balance it out with a light-coloured carpet. Likewise, if you have a highly neutral room, you may want to opt for a bold carpet to bring out some colour.

However, neutral carpet shades can work very well in many different spaces, so neutral carpet can still work with neutral walls, too.

  1. Choosing the Length of Fibre

When you think about your new carpet, you may dream about long and soft fibres tickling your toes! Or, you may want the most manageable and thin carpet possible, which is going to be easy to maintain. Longer fibres can attract more dust and need more attentive cleaning, but it’s really about what you prefer in regard to look and feel. If you’re ever unsure, consult with carpet fitters local to you for the best advice and options for your space (as some carpet lengths may struggle if they’re going under doorways, for example).

  1. Carpet vs. Rug

If you’re looking for a softer finish to your flooring, be sure that full carpet is the right option for you. It may even be that you can look for the perfect carpet runner instead of a full carpet, as soft runners can be perfect for hallways and long spaces if you’re looking to add more layer and warmth.

A rug can be a great choice for popping over hardwood flooring in a room, too, so it’s a good idea to compare all rug, runners, and carpet options.

  1. Think About Your Lifestyle

If you’re spending time and money on installing a beautiful carpet, then it’s also important to make sure it can be properly appreciated and cared for. Think about your lifestyle and the activity of your household before selecting your carpet. If there are lots of pets, lots of feet, and lots of potential for mess, you may need a more durable carpet and one which is easier to clean.

  1. You Don’t Have to Play it Safe

As a final tip: be bold! There are so many great carpet patterns out there that it’s worth browsing all available style options to find something that truly appeals to you.