6 Reasons to Embrace Dark Carpets in Home Décor

When the time comes to re-carpet a room, many people shy away from dark, rich colours. Some people might believe that dark carpets are a somewhat old-fashioned look, while others may be concerned about making the room appear smaller. It’s true that dark carpets can be a daring choice, but there are several scenarios in which dark carpeting can bring a variety of tones, moods and depth to a room. If you’re drawn to the idea of making a bold statement in your décor but are not yet convinced by the idea of dark carpeting, here are 6 reasons that might just change your mind.

  1. Purple magic

It may seem an off-the-wall suggestion to start off with, but purple is a wonderful colour in home décor. Depending on the shade you choose, it can add drama, cheer, energy or even relaxation. It will also bring a level of depth which can be particularly useful in large rooms where you want to make it more cosy.

  1. Make your staircase a feature

Choose dark coloured luxury carpets in London for your stair runner to create a statement stairway that will have a big impact on your guests. When placed alongside pale walls, a dark carpet can accentuate the length and height of a staircase while creating a contemporary look. It will also mask a lot of marks, debris and dirt, which are bound to accumulate in high traffic areas.

  1. Soothing depth for relaxation

A dark blue can be a soothing and serene shade for a bedroom carpet. Some carpets also include a light and subtle shimmer, which adds a hint of luxury. Include a range of soft and complimentary throws and cushions, and you’ll soon have the perfect den for relaxation and recuperation.

  1. Sophisticated style

It can be difficult to decide how to decorate a formal area of the home, such as a dining room, but here dark carpet is a good choice yet again. Dark colours are effortlessly sophisticated and stylish, but there are practical benefits to them, too. In areas where food will be served, it’s best to opt for a darker shade to make any potential stains less noticeable. A short pile that is easy to vacuum is the best choice, and you can include artwork that complements the colour of the carpet to give it a classy edge.

  1. Highlight your statement furnishings

A dark but neutral carpet is perfect as a backdrop for your feature furniture, floor lamps, a feature wall or a wall of art. The darkness of the carpet is a great way to offset a pale item or wall and increase its visual impact, particularly if there is a strong contract between them.

  1. Plenty of practical benefits

Dark carpets cover a multitude of sins when it comes to the spills and dirt, which are part of everyday life, especially in children’s bedrooms or high traffic areas like hallways. The dark carpet gives a stylish finish, and if you choose a light paint for the walls, it shouldn’t make the hallway feel too small.