5 Easy Habits to Keep Your Carpet Clean All Year Round

It’s hard to keep carpets looking brand-new forever. After all, life happens. It’s normal for carpets to soak up some spills and lose their texture over time. That doesn’t mean you should be resigned to its fate – if you incorporate these five easy habits into your life, you can expand the life of your carpet, keeping it looking fresh for longer!

1: Vacuum Regularly

The first – and most obvious – habit to have to keep your carpet clean all year around is vacuuming regularly. When you invest in a stylish carpet from Balham flooring specialists, you want to be sure your carpet will last and last. Twice a week is best here, as it ensures any dust and dirt that gets accumulated stands no chance of becoming embedded into the carpet. You should also consider using a good carpet cleaner when necessary, as this will do an even better job of getting the carpet clean and fresh.

2: Use More Rugs

If you want your carpet to stand the test of time, the best way to do so is to protect it – ideally, with rugs and runners. For example, placing a runner down an entrance hallway will help keep the carpet free of dirt from people’s shoes. If your lounge has a lot of foot traffic, a rug will help prevent the carpet from getting worn down over time.

3: Clean Stains Immediately

Spilling a little wine or coffee on the carpet is normal – it happens. However, don’t leave the stain too long. Otherwise, it will sink in and become harder to get out. Instead, clear up any stains as soon as they happen. You can usually just use household items around the house, such as white vinegar and water. Let it sink in for a while, then scrub until the carpet looks as good as new.

4: Train Your Pets Well

One of the biggest offenders of carpet ruining is pets. An untrained pet may scratch the carpet, pulling it up at the sides. Some untrained pets even have accidents on the carpet, which is never fun to clean up and will inevitably leave the carpet looking less than perfect, even if you clean it up straight away. So, whether you have a feline friend or a puppy, be sure to train them properly in the early days to keep your carpet looking fresh.

5: Take Your Shoes Off

Walking around a carpeted home in shoes will only decrease the lifespan of the carpet. It will quickly get full of dirt from your shoes and may even wear down thanks to the material on the sole of your shoes. So, to keep your carpet looking new all year round, make a habit of taking your shoes off every time you enter the house. Make sure everyone else who lives there follows suit!

Fortunately, with these five habits, you can ensure your carpet looks just as amazing in five years as it did when you first got it placed.