5 Benefits of Installing Stair Rods

Are you thinking about adding stair rods to your staircase but aren’t entirely sure they are the right accessory for your home? If yes, then you have come to the right place. From their visual appeal to the extensive range of choice and their ability to unify your stairway, keep reading to find out five benefits of installing stair rods in your home.

What are stair rods?

In their simplest form, stair rods are a set of ornamental rods, typically made of metal, that are used to keep your stair carpeting in place. Once a highly practical accessory, modern stair rods tend to add style and sophistication to a staircase rather than hold the carpet or runner in place.

Stair rods have soared in popularity in recent years, with many homeowners wanting to add a touch of luxury to their stairs.

1.   Stair rods add visual appeal

If your staircase is not looking as streamlined and stylish as you would like, then stair rods offer the perfect solution. Typically, stair rods are installed at the point where each of the steps on your staircase meet and are used to hold a carpet runner in place. Each rod has its own set of brackets on each end, with an extensive range of different finishes.

It can be hard to explain just how much better stair rods can make your overall staircase look, so why not look at some of our designs and see if anything takes your fancy?

2.   Stair rods complement your runner

A bit like fish and chips, stair rods and stair runners just belong together. Providing a unified, stylish and highly professional-looking finish, the right stair rods will perfectly complement your runner, making it look more high-end and expensive.

You can find modern stair rods and those that are more suited to traditional-styled properties, with finishes including brass, black, antique, bronze, pewter, and so many more.

3.   Stair rods come with added extras

As well as all of the above options when it comes to finishes, you can also find stair rods that boast other unique touches, such as crystal detailing, which are ideal for adding some pizazz to your hallway. You can also find a wide range of different styles, such as reeded, spiral, and triangular designs.

4.   Stair rods can be lightweight

Suppose you are concerned that stair rods will be too heavy. In that case, you will be pleased to hear that, as well as the more traditional options; you can now find stair rods that are much more lightweight and easy to cut to any length with a simple hacksaw. So this need not be a concern of yours.

5.   Stair rods are luxurious

Whichever style, design, and finish you choose, high-quality stair rods are guaranteed to make your home look more luxurious. With the ability to transform your staircase from ordinary to exceptional, these affordable accessories are just what you need to show off your sense of style and add value to your home.