5 Benefits of Choosing Patterned Carpet

Although most people tend to stick to neutral shades when choosing carpet, patterned carpet is enjoying somewhat of a revival and is currently bringing a bit of pizazz to homes across the UK.

No longer the eyesore of the 70s, patterned carpet is now stylish, sophisticated, and contemporary, enabling you to inject some of your personality into the interior design of your home.

Still not sure if patterned carpet is for you?

Keep reading to discover five benefits of patterned carpet that may sway your decision.

1.   Patterned carpet is bold

If you are looking to create a showstopping room with minimal effort, then patterned carpet is the way to go. Once you have laid patterned carpet, you only have to add a few decorative touches to tie the space together, as your flooring will be the room’s focal point.

Alternatively, a patterned rug can be placed over wood flooring to complement a more minimalistic style, with this option allowing for more flexibility in terms of the room’s overall design.

2.   Patterned carpet is stimulating

Visual stimulation is a crucial aspect of interior design, but it can be challenging to get right. If you have a room or space such as a hallway or staircase that is predominantly white, patterned carpet or a patterned stair runner can add some much-needed colour and vibrancy.

You can also find patterned rugs with different loops and piles to create textured patterns that are ideal for uplifting a room and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Whatever type of patterned carpet you choose, make sure that you find a reputable carpet fitter in your local area, with our carpet fitters South London team having a wealth of experience and expertise in the business.

3.   Patterned carpet hides stains

Have you ever noticed that hotels and restaurants always have patterned carpets? This isn’t just a coincidence. It is because they hide spills and stains so much more effectively than single-coloured carpets do.

Furthermore, patterned carpet is better at hiding dirt, discolouration, and general wear and tear, meaning it is much more likely to last than its neutral counterparts.

4.   Patterned carpet is safer for stairs

Although hardwood flooring on the stairs can look good and is arguably easier to clean, it can be a safety hazard, especially if you have little ones or elderly relatives using them. Adding patterned carpet can reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents and add visual appeal to your home, even if the rest of your property has hardwood or tiles throughout.

5.   Patterned carpet can make a room look bigger

As a general rule, patterned carpets make a room or communal space such as the hallway appear bigger than if you used a single-coloured carpet. To maximise space even more, choose a pattern that is scaled appropriately to the size of the room. So, if you have a large room, opt for a larger pattern and if you have a more compact space, look for a smaller pattern.