4 Stair Runner Benefits to Consider

Have you ever been into one of those big grand old houses and taken a look at their stunning staircases? In years gone by, the staircase of a house was one of the standout features, and even today, when people decide to build their own houses, a well-made staircase can cost thousands of pounds and add a real sense of vintage-inspired grandiose to a property.

One of the things that usually stands out on a big grand staircase is the stair runner, which is a thin piece of carpet running down the middle of the stairs, usually ornate in design. This gives the stairs some grip for the users, as well as showing off the woodwork and carpentry of the staircase itself.

If you are considering installing stair runners in your house rather than carpets on your stairs, then you might be eager to know of some of the benefits. Keep reading to find out more.

It Can Protect Your Hardwood Stairs

Stair runners are great for protecting your hardwood stairs. Your stairs will experience frequent and heavy traffic, which can mean your hardwood can become quickly damaged, despite looking so great upon first installing them. A stair runner can prevent scratches from shoes, from the wood wearing over time, and from pets clawing at the wood.

This will mean you don’t need to treat the wood as often to keep it polished and looking great.

Stair Runners Make Your Stairs Look Longer

Stair runners often look great in period properties or properties where the stairs are shallow and wide. Why? Well, the great optical illusion of stair runners is that it makes your staircase look longer and more grand. This is why it can be the perfect addition for smaller homes as well. It can make your stairs look much longer than they actually are, and therefore, make your home feel very grand.

So don’t worry if you think that your house is too small for stair runners. It works for smaller properties as well as grand homes.

It Will Bring Attention to Your Stairs

If you have a beautiful wooden staircase, a stair runner can add that finishing touch that can bring your top level and bottom level together. It can add that much-needed texture a home needs sometimes and look more elegant while unifying the home décor in general, but you must make sure to pick a style and colour that will work with both the downstairs and upstairs décor. For example, a pattern is great for drawing the eye to the stairs, but if you have patterns on your walls on your carpets leading to your stairs, this may clash, whereas a plain colour is ornate and could work instead.

For Safety

Lastly, if you are small children or elderly relatives living with you, a stair runner can provide a safe way to move up and down the stairs. They won’t have to contend with slippery floors, leading to a risk of injury. For those with mobility issues, this can be a comforting addition to the home without needing to add in a whole new carpet.